Flip2Play, India’s first fantasy gaming app, is taking the industry by storm

Fantasy gaming, which is valued at $18.6 billion, is expected to reach $48 billion by 2027 with over one billion users. Fantasy gaming is a juggernaut in Indian online gaming and Flip2Play aims to become the pioneer by launching features that have never been made available by other gaming platforms.

Fantasy sports platforms gradually increased user engagement by adding new leagues, online-only gaming modes, and other innovative features. Indians love sports, especially cricket and football, which drew them to fantasy gaming. The pandemic also created the need for virtual gaming mediums which further made industry stalwarts revolutionise the industry by launching innovative online platforms for games like ludo, chess, etc.
The three musketeers—Rajat Wadi, Sagar Rai, and Anubhav Rai—sensed the pulse of the fantasy gaming industry and launched their first online gaming application, ‘Flip2Play,’ in 2022. The trio believed that there should be more transparency in the fantasy gaming world, and that all player experiences should be hyper-personalized.

COVID-19-induced lockdown confined sports lovers to their homes, but the emergence of fantasy sports in India enabled fans and audiences to band together and consume their favourite sport as active participants. Fantasy sports game platforms have been around for over two decades, but they have recently gained popularity on the internet, particularly during the pandemic phase.

The pandemic proved to be only a minor and transient setback. The fact that India currently has the world’s largest fantasy sports market and is growing at a CAGR of 38% demonstrates the promising future of online fantasy sports in India. Even though India is still behind the curve in terms of infrastructure, it is expected to have 510 million players by the end of 2022, which is larger than the US user base for fantasy sports.
Furthermore, it leverages new technologies, namely blockchain and NFT trading, to generate value in next-gen gaming applications.

The lack of transparency in the industry makes it a perfect candidate for blockchain innovation, as the technology can help track data associated with teams, winners, and prizes in an immutable way. Many of the biggest brand names in the gaming industry are already adopting blockchain technology to enhance their user experience. 

In the coming time, Flip2Play will infuse blockchain with its powerful fantasy game system. And they are looking forward to NFTs also. Combining all these cutting-edge technologies, Flip2Play will give users one of the best and super secure experiences in the industry.

By Muskan Singh

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