Dr Bhumika Gala received an Award by Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari

New Delhi (India), October 31: Dr Bhumika Gala was recently conferred with the Gau Bharat Bharati Award by the hands of the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari. This moment was very precious and memorable for Bhumika. She says, “I feel extremely proud and fortunate to be honored by the Governor. Taking the trophy from his hands was the proudest moment of my life.”

Dr. Bhumika Gala Creates History by completing 300 World Records at just 20 years old. Dr. Bhumika Gala is only 20 years old but will you believe that she has completed 300 world records in her name? Although her journey was full of ups and downs, she never lost hope and courage.

Dr. Bhumika Gala achieved her 300th world record for the youngest crystal collector and youngest Ph.D. holder in Metaphysics.

She has a collection of over 1050 kg of crystals from all over the world, which makes her the youngest crystal collector in India. She was fueled enough to meet this milestone to achieve the remarkable hallmark of three centuries of world records and focused on aiming and acing her challenges to mark her existence in the world. Dr Bhumika is also the youngest Holy Fire Karuna Reiki master. 

Dr. Bhumika has been awarded and felicitated with over 75+ awards across borders. In addition, her achievements were recognized and awarded by the honorable Governor of Mumbai and The Chief Minister of Hyderabad. 

Recently she was titled with the ‘International Icon Award 2022’. This young girl has completed 6 PhDs in metaphysics and has also studied at Harvard Med School and Oxford University as a student. This journey has been very difficult for her. 
She says, “Dumb! Ugly! Black! Overweight! Unworthy! UnTalented! Many such rude comments, judgments and bullying were a routine affair! Sometimes I used to ignore all this but sometimes it all affected me! One of the things I learned over the years was not to let the negativity projected by others on myself! Be who you are, even if you feel like an outcast who doesn’t fit into society. No one is like you and that’s your power! I chose my own path and always set new boundaries instead of living among so-called social people. It was quite a struggle but here I am today!! Stronger than ever, I am bolder than ever, focused and determined towards my goals and a girl with dreams! Initially I used to be hard on myself but now I am proud of the way I have grown up and I feel privileged to be able to live the life that was once an impossible dream!!!”

Indeed Dr. Bhumika Gala has set an example for the world. Creating 300 world records is not easy, but this 20-year-old girl has aced it. She also inspires others, especially the younger generation, to dream big and achieve it!

By Muskan Singh

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