Sociapa – The Agency Re-innovating Marketing Solutions

November 28: “I believe people should never restrict themselves into their field of expertise. Getting more exposure to new and different things should always be welcomed.” – Mr. Dheeraj Raj, Founder & Director, Sociapa

Even though a start-up’s journey is never linear, in the end, it is the success of making a positive impact on the world which defines it and Sociapa’s journey ahead is ruled by this philosophy.

Marketing start-up, Sociapa stands out from the rest by looking at marketing solutions differently and it is shaped by the experiences and realisation of its founder Mr. Dheeraj Raj. What sets the company apart is not just the passionate and brilliant minds driving the story ahead, but the innovative thinking which allows the agency to look through a different perspective. Here is a glimpse into the start-up’s success story.

The Origin Story

Sociapa was incorporated in 2019 under the direction of its founder Mr. Dheeraj Raj. However, it took years of gathering marketing experience working for more than a decade at numerous well-known brands. He spent his time as a brand manager, marketing strategist and digital marketing manager and with that experience he was ready to take it to the next level through his marketing agency.

Mr. Dheeraj Raj realised the flaws plaguing the agencies, which were unable to understand or meet brand expectations. That realisation was essential in forming Sociapa’s philosophy in bridging the gap between agency planning and brand requirements. Backed by this understanding, the company gradually came to form a strategy committed to delivering innovative marketing strategies towards brand success.

Hitting The Milestones

Sociapa now boasts the work of multiple creative and strategic minds that build up the agency, responsible for some of the turning points in Sociapa’s journey. However, it humbly began with a small core team packed with innovative ideas to power its goals, setting objectives and tailoring brand-specific digital campaigns.

The Sociapa journey was challenging in its early stages having begun with no external funding and completely bootstrapped by its founder, Mr. Dheeraj Raj. However eventually, the firm was working with a list of clients known across India, with whom it forged a bond which is a testament to its consistent journey towards success.

“To me, our clients aren’t just what keeps the dream on for Sociapa, but a venue by which we prove our creative minds, by aiding them to stand apart,” says Mr. Dheeraj Raj. Sociapa follows those words religiously and has activated several campaigns resulting in great success which has raised both the agency and its clients to a higher level:

  • In association with a non-profit organisation, the firm brought together two prominent Indian FMCG brands, which collectively participated in an event organised to promote the welfare of children.
  • The firm also planned a brand association campaign with Rajasthan Royals, the IPL team for one of its clients.
  • Among the agency’s other milestones, Janhvi Kapoor was strategically launched as the brand ambassador for a client capturing a look of freshness for its young target audience.
  • Milind Soman, the actor and model on the other hand was launched as brand face for another of the firm’s clients, to associate with fitness and healthy living.
  • Major influencer campaigns for leading FMCG brands included faces like Chef Ranveer Brar, Shivesh Bhatia, comedian Zakir Khan among others.

The Agency’s Current Clientele includes – Apis India, La Americana, Bonn, House of Veda, Americana, French Essence, Wai Wai, Evergreen Public School, Bikano, Bureau Of Indian Standards and a lot more.

The list of milestones hit by Sociapa is long and stands as a testament to its evolving sense of innovation. With the journey so far, Sociapa has worked for various clients across the FMCG sector, as well as, others on various projects and remains focused on its values of creativity, commitment, and client satisfaction.

Defining Services

At the very beginning, Sociapa was focused on providing digital marketing services. However, since then the services have evolved by adding numerous others which are provided to clients as per requirements. While still providing dedicated digital marketing solutions for brands, the firm has also expanded its solutions towards the creative field through Influencer Marketing, Building Public Relation, Website Development and Photo/Videography.

Even with such a wide range of services Sociapa stands strong towards its mission to provide outstanding and quality solutions for clients. In fact, this expansion of services has allowed it to tap into a wider audience, which has become another stepping stone to its goal of success.

Testament To Success

The marketing genius at work has accorded the agency with several awards from multiple organisations. For Sociapa, it has been a rocky road towards success, but the awards below is proof of where it is heading:

These are just a few of the accolades bestowed on Sociapa as it continues to challenge the norm with its innovative minds.

The Journey Forward

Sociapa’s entrepreneurial spirit, driven by strategic thinking, has led clients towards impactful and tangible results. By weaving stories, intertwined with conversation building and implementing the best PR practices, the firm has assisted its brands connect emotionally. The agency chose to pursue its vision and philosophy, and is on its way to success. The agency journey is never over, and Sociapa plans to go beyond and become the leading marketing agency to deliver creative solutions.

Sociapa, is planning on expanding even further beyond their current scope. As a marketing agency already offering a host of services to clients, it plans to become marketable in new areas. Future expansion, not only of its services but also through new facilities, is in the firm’s vision. Apart from this, Mr. Dheeraj Raj is also working towards setting up a team of AI Experts with an aim to set the marketing world on fire with Sociapa’s innovative thinking. For the agency, having travelled only more than a couple of years on the path, the journey has just begun.

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By Muskan Singh