Unveiling the Wonders of Underwater Ecosystems: Why You Need to Visit Underwater Aquarium in Chennai

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 21: The underwater aquarium in Chennai is a unique facility that presents you with the opportunity to explore the underwater deep-ocean ecosystem. Many of us have seen fish swimming in glass tanks of various sizes and settings. But, imagine seeing a wide variety of fishes moving in colonies with huge sharks giving company deep under the sea safely from within the walk-through underwater tunnel! Have you ever even dreamt that there can be an underwater rainforest ecosystem and you can experience all of it without the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolitan city right over your head? At the underwater aquarium in Chennai, it is not just the kids accompanying you who will be awe struck, but you will also be spellbound by what you see around including real sharks crisscrossing the deep waters. 

A First in India

The VGP walk-through underwater aquarium is the largest and first walk-through aquarium of its kind in India, where you have the opportunity to see exotic marine life from across the world. The treatise includes sharks, fishes, stingrays, and octopuses brought to you at close quarters. As opposed to the huge malls and theaters that dot our cities and towns, the VGP underwater aquarium presents an exciting natural, and lively environment. Most important among the offerings is the VGP Marine Kingdom which has been specially crafted to provide the closest acquaintance with a sea of marine life and marine ecosystems for the young, young at heart, and the elderly. The underwater tunnel will give you the experience of walking right into the sea and seeing big fish surprising you in many ways. The walkthrough tunnel aquarium has a 180o underwater viewing room for showcasing several hundred forms of exotic marine life. 

Underwater magic show

When you are visiting the Ocean Tunnel aquarium your experience will also include a wide range of underwater ecosystems like underwater mangrove ecosystemsunderwater gorge ecosystemsunderwater rainforest ecosystems, and more. Your surprises will be further heightened with a specially arranged underwater magic show that has been introduced in April 2023. This breathtaking event performed by Mr. Vignesh Prabhu who is also nicknamed the Flying Man will leave you and your kids spellbound with his mind-boggling performance. For the exact date and time for this magic show, please check the official website of VGP Marine Kingdom before planning your trip.

Enthralling underwater experiences

The underwater scenes that VGP Marine Kingdom has organized for you are enthralling, and include the following among others. These will be particularly interesting and highly educational for your kids.

  • Underwater aquarium exhibition
  • Underwater surprise parties
  • Live view of fish feeding underwater
  • Scuba diving
  • Bedrooms underwater surrounded by water
  • Candlelight dinner underwater that you and your loved ones can enjoy

Undoubtedly these are experiences that startle and awaken new feelings in us. Visit us and experience these unique offerings during the holiday season.


Other equally interesting and engaging offerings from VGP include the VGP Golden Beach, VGP Universal Kingdom, VGP Snow Kingdom, and more.

By Muskan Singh