Analemma Coherent Water Now in India: Redefining Hydration with cutting-edge technology

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 8: Analemma Water India is proud to announce the launch of its ground breaking Analemma coherent water in India. This revolutionary technology is set to redefine hydration by transforming ordinary water into its coherent, crystalline state, unlocking a myriad of health benefits for consumers nationwide.

Backed by over 15 years of rigorous research and development, Analemma’s technology has undergone extensive scientific testing in prestigious laboratories and universities across Europe, the USA, and India. The results? Clinical studies affirming the transformative health effects of Analemma water.

“Analemma is not just water; it’s the elixir of life in its purest form. Our commitment to excellence and health is now ready to hydrate and revitalise India,” said Madhusudan Rajagopalan, CEO, Analemma Water India.

Previously introduced to the Indian market as Somarka in 2021, the brand quickly became synonymous with wellness and innovation. In early 2024, aligning with its global presence, Somarka was rebranded to Analemma, offering Indian consumers the same high-quality product enjoyed worldwide.

Analemma’s signature product, the Analemma Coherent Water Tube, is a clear quartz, crystal tube-wand filled with a special “Mother Water” that transforms regular tap water into a supercharged, full spectrum, coherent state. When swirled in normal water, the Analemma wand encourages chaotic and irregular H2O molecules to rearrange into the same liquid crystalline structure as the Mother water. What’s more, the coherent structure is retained over time – this stability is unique to Analemma. Analemma has a remarkable positive influence on any living being that consumes water – be it humans, animals, plants and even the microbiota in soil!

The health benefits of Analemma are unparalleled:

● More than 20% improvement in cellular energy, verified by a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised study on ATP levels in blood.

● A 16% improvement in gut balance, fostering better digestion and overall well-being.

● A biological age reversal of 1-12 years, as evidenced by the Glycanage study.

An almost instant improvement in brain coherence, enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity.

“Analemma water is the culmination of years of dedication and scientific exploration. It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we harmonise nature with science,” remarked Dr. Eric Laarakker, the lead scientist behind Analemma.

As the sole brand with such an extensive body of scientific work, Analemma stands as the leader in the coherent water space. Detailed information on the scientific tests and benefits can be found on the company’s website.

Analemma’s innovation has caught the attention of renowned channels and publications, earning accolades from leading doctors and biohackers around the globe. With plans to expand into new areas and explore additional applications, Analemma is poised to become a household name in health and wellness.

The Analemma Coherent Water Tube is available from the company’s site. To experience the benefits of Analemma coherent water, visit and join the coherent water revolution.

About Analemma Water India

Analemma Water is dedicated to enhancing life through its revolutionary technology that has been scientifically validated. With a vision to deliver health and vitality, Analemma is more than a product—it’s a movement towards a healthier future. With almost 2 decades of research and scientific validation, Analemma technology for water offers innumerable health benefits such as stronger immune system, brainwave synchronisation, improved energy levels and a more coherent mind and body.

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By Muskan Singh