Jilbab and Khimar Abaya by Muslim Lane Changing the Modest fashion trends with 10 Years in Industry

New Delhi (India), June 15: In the recent years, Islamic Clothing brands like Muslim Lane have seen a significant rise in the market. Jilbab and Khimar are one such attires luring the customers around the globe interested in modest fashion, fostering a sense of community and identity among the customers.

Jilbab Abaya is the traditional faith driven modest garment worn by Muslim women. It is a plain ankle-length garment or set of garments worn majorly in Muslim Community. This long over-coat styled attire is worn with a head-scarf called a Jilbab Khimar, covering the body head to toe. The words Jilbab and Khimar are used in Quran, meaning ‘dress/cloak’ and ‘veil’ respectively.

Jilbabs, Abayas and Khimar are also in demand significantly for Hajj, Umrah and other religious devotional purposes. Here is a full length Jilbab, the most preferred product by Muslim Women available on an online store Muslim Lane .

Designers are paying close attention to quality, fabric and detail ensuring the garment is not only modest but trendy and comfortable as well. Made of soft, breathable, easy to maintain Firdous Fabrics or Nida Fabric, Islamic attires at Muslim Lane is one of the favorite selling product.

Products available on Muslim Lane have a wide range and types. Jilbabs can be bought in full length Jilbab, Knee or half length and short length Jilbab. Also Khimars are available according to the comfort level and need of customer – Single Layer Khimar, Two Layer Khimar and Three Layer Khimar.

About MuslimLane

Celebrating 10 years of marketing endeavor over online and offline platforms, Muslim Lane posits itself as one of the leading online store for Islamic products specifically Women Abayas, Jilbab, Khimar, Kids Abaya, men clothing, Islamic wall frames etc. The quality of the products with affordable prices has made it possible for Muslim Lane to reach countries like South Arabia, Qatar, USA, Canada, Oman. The Muslim clothing brand coming this far has announced 105 discounts on every product available on Muslim Lane.

On every product of the Muslim Lane, be it any Abaya for Women, Designer Abaya, Plain Abaya, Baggy Abaya, Abaya Khimar combo, Kids Abaya or Plain Hijab online or Kaftan for Women or Two Layer Khimar or Islamic Wall Decor for living room etc- all the products boast of 5 star rating and extremely satisfied customer reviews.

By Muskan Singh