Love is glue; it’s not an entity, not a phenomenon, not an explanation

July 6: Who, Rapper Maddy?

A charming and noble man from Delhi City. Rapper Maddy is not only a melodious voice but also an endearing actor, anchor and musician. His latest song is Slow Motion, his Bollywood debut is Sayonee Song, and He hosted Yeh! Hai Ashiqui, Sun Yaar Try Maar, Participant in MTV Splitsvilla, Roadies, Dating Aaj Kal and Many more.

Chat with Rapper Maddy.

What would you prefer the most, Stage or TV?

If there is no sound of claps, appreciation and applause, then it feels like something is missing, and yes, obviously, I love to be on TV but would prefer the Stage.

Where do we see you next? Web series, Film or TV Channel?

Mostly on my Youtube and music videos, I plan to be on web series or a film. It’s all God’s grace, but yes, I have acquired a web series, and we are talking on terms with many production houses.

We heard that you are writing a Book also?

Yes, I am writing, and it’s in the process. I have been thinking about it a lot.

Wow, so your book is about what topic?

It’s basically about what a real human should be like? Humans have lost touch with humanity, which is what my book is about.

Great! So these days, are you also promoting such positive books as recently you have promoted a self-help book, “How to Move On” by Prashansa Pawar?

Yes! At couture runway week, Crown Plaza. I have launched this book; It’s not about what I am promoting, but I like its concept. It’s about human welfare. It’s a complete solution kit for all age groups and gender who want to move on from someone or something. I felt the positivity of this book and in the author’s writing style, Prashansa Pawar.

How was your Covid-19 period, and how did you spend it?

For an intellectual man, loneliness is bliss. This phase was tough for all. It also clarified what I should do further in my life. It was a great time for introspection. I learned that I should go on Stage and wander the whole world. Travelling was something I missed, so travelling is on the main list of my life.

Oh! Travelling, so what are your Favorite places to visit?

Italy is one of my destinations, and I love exploring more different cultures. You can say that this is my new hobby.

Okay! What are your new hobbies?

These days I love to check the new Apps that are coming and review them, and one more thing, I love to learn new languages.

Great, so which languages you are aware of?

I know some languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Thai, Bengali and a little Marathi.

As you know many languages so, what is love in your language?

Love is glue; it’s not an entity, not a phenomenon, not an explanation. If two people love each other, they will be glued, or they will stick to each other no matter what they think, how they behave and how different they are from each other. Love means being with each other no matter the situation and where you are. love is glue, it wears off, and then you apply more glue, and that’s how you live life in love

Well answered, so are you still single?

I am so much single that even when the word sings wants to describe his relationship status, he says I am Maddy

Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Tara Sutaria is absolutely gorgeous.

Who is your Hollywood Celebrity Crush?

Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence

Which is your favourite International Band.

Black Pink & BTS

Would you like to give any message to your fans?

Wherever you are, however, you are, keep smiling and keep doing the good work because someone is watching and learning from you just the same way you are watching and learning from someone doing better than you and if you like my views or find them interesting do check out my youtube channel.

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By Muskan Singh