Sahitya Sparsh Awards 2024 – Official Winners Announcement

New Delhi (India), April 26: The Sahitya Sparsh Awards 2024 has emerged as a beacon of literary excellence, honoring authors across Asia for their exceptional contributions to the world of literature. This prestigious award not only celebrates the profound impact of storytelling but also recognizes the transformative power of words within society.

After three months of meticulous nomination and reviewing processes, the Sahitya Sparsh Awards is proud to announce the winners in their respective categories:

  • WHAT-Reason Behind Every Desire by Abdul Ghaffar under Self Help/ Motivational/Philosophical. 
  • Sarvavyaapi Siksha by Ameya Vijay Karambe under Academic/ Curriculum & Instruction. 
  • Don’t Know What Love Means and Other Poems by Asha Konnayath under Poetry/ Love & Romance. 
  • Silent Stories Resilient Voices by Dr. Ayushi Chirag Arora under Historical Fiction. 
  • Scarred Earth by Bhaswar Mukherjee under Fiction/ Thrillers and Suspense. 
  • Ranks and Rosaries by Brigadier OA JAMES under Biography & Autobiography. 
  • Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves by David Soh Poh Huat under Health & Fitness/Herbal Remedies. 
  • Caregiving Gift of Unconditional Love by David Soh Poh Huat under Non Fiction/ Family & Relationships. 
  • The Light at the Edges by Deepti Kolte under Poetry/ Self-Reflection. 
  • The Web of Shadows by Deepti Menon under Fiction/ Crime. 
  • Verses of Inspiration by Geeta under Poetry/ Motivational. 
  • A Story of Hope in Times of Crisis by Hasainul Arafine Choudhury under Inspirational/Inspirational Stories. 
  • The Art of Value Based Thinking by Kiran Vadagam under Non Fiction/ Personal Success. 
  • What Self-Help Books Won’t (Can’t) Tell You by Dr. KRS Nair under Non Fiction/ Personal Development. 
  • Aranya ra Asha by Kunja Bihari Parhi under Fiction/Indian Writing/ regional. 
  • The Mystery of Lingeswar Temple and the Lurking Shadows by Laxmi Natraj under Fiction/ Crime/ mystery. 
  • Disruptions in Dahanu by Meenal Dighe under Children’s Adventure. 
  • Reinventing Sanatana Dharma by Mukundan PR under Religious & Spiritual Books. 
  • Echo – Beat of The Heart by Nigama RV under Contemporary Poetry. 
  • Spark Your Creativity by Pradip N Das under Self-Help/ Creativity. 
  • Divine Promises by Preethi Baladev under Fiction/ Myths/ Legends & Sagas. 
  • A Moment of Life by Prerna Chaudhary under Inspirational Literature. 
  • PJ Collections: Migration by Priya SK under Children’s Fiction/ Drawing. 
  • Just Another Myth by Priyanshu Goyal under Fiction/ Short-Stories/ Folk Tales. 
  • Somuitara ek Yoddha by Punam Hemendra Taori under Fiction/ Indian Mythology. 
  • Anatomy of a Half Truth by Purbasha Ghosh under Contemporary Fiction. 
  • Now You Breathe by Rakhi Kapoor under Emotional Self Help. 
  • Thavaasmi: Life and Skills through Ramayana by Rallabandi Srirama Chakradhar under Self Help/ Life Skills. 
  • Geography of Ramayana by Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Muhyala under Indian Mythology. 
  • Whispers of a Snowfall by Rashika Ranjini under Poetry/ Nature. 
  • Sankalp by Ravi Ranjan Goswami under Classic Fiction (Hindi). 
  • Bombay Review and Other Stories by Ravi Valluri under Fiction/ Short Stories/ Real Life. 
  • Spirituality through Happiness by Dr. Ravindra Dey under Non Fiction/ Psychology. 
  • Unveiled Life Tales by Dr. Renuka Sharma under Poetry/ Women Author. 
  • I had a dream yesterday by Sainath under World History/ Religion. 
  • Negations Narrations and The Nehruvian Era by Satya Kasturi under Non Fiction/ Political. 
  • Choose Your Destiny by Sheetu kaushal under Fiction/ Relationships & Friendship. 
  • Management of Libraries and Information Centres by Shivani Tyagi and Sanjeev Thakur under Academic/ Management/ Library. 
  • On Ills and Crime by Shridhar Naik under Fiction/ Thrillers and Suspense. 
  • Time: The Infinite Currency by Shubham Sharma under Physics/Time/Perception and Philosophy. 
  • The Last Dawn by Shyam Kumar under Fiction/ Romance. 
  • Learned Men and Women of Ancient India by Sreelata Menon under Non Fiction/ Ancient India. 
  • Epicurious by Sreelata Menon under Short Stories/ Folk Tales.
  • Awesome Inspirations by Srihari Subudhi under Poetry/ Inspirational & Motivational. 
  • Mapuram Kathalu by Sriramadasu Amaranath under Autobiography. 
  • The Underworld Expedition by Swayham Das under Children’s Fiction/ Fantasy & Magic. 
  • My Divine Sky by Tiya Bansal under Poetry/ Human Emotions. 
  • Spirit of The Constitution by V. Shruti Devi under Non Fiction/ United States History. 
  • Fentoscience by V.S.Sury under Science Fiction. 
  • Kidonomics: Stories for the Young Economist by Dr. Vijay Varadi under Children’s/ Economics. 
  • Invoke Inner Wisdom by Yatin Chandrakant Samant under Self-Help/ Personal Growth. 

The Sahitya Sparsh Awards 2024 stands as a testament to the vibrant literary landscape of Asia, honoring authors who have showcased exceptional talent and creativity through their diverse works. Each book recognized reflects not only the mastery of its author but also the depth of storytelling and the profound impact it holds within society. This award event was presented by Literatureslight Publishing and sponsored by The Literature Times. 

As these authors continue to inspire and enrich readers with their words, the Sahitya Sparsh Awards serves as a reminder of the enduring power of literature to transcend boundaries, foster understanding, and shape the cultural fabric of our world. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements, and may their literary journeys continue to captivate and inspire audiences for generations to come.

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By Muskan Singh